Baby Cthulhu painting progress

Some friends of mine asked me to do a painting of a baby monster for their newborn's room. I decided to do a baby Cthulhu ... even though it's not a monster I think it still works. Here is the rough outline for the painting. This will be my 3rd painting. Wish me luck!


Ronin page 8

... and finished! Now all I have to do is find someone to translate the whole comic into Japanese.


Ronin page 6

Tough page. It's not easy to draw a page you feel uncomfortable with, but I do like how it turned out. 2 more to go! ...yes!

Ih'kis PDF

A couple of year ago, I started up my own webpage with the hope that I could convince my friends to do some web comics for it. That never really happened. What did happen though is that I got myself in some shit. I started drawing a little weekly strip called Ih'kis (I know .. stupid name) about a mute bird who gets handed a talking fish. I had no story, I just wrote it as I went along (big mistake!)

I have never finished anything in my life. Anything! I always started projects and never finished them.  I would draw about 4 pages of a comic and I would lose interest and it would fall to another project that would peak my interest. So, I was in my late 20's (27?) when I started drawing Ih'kis, and I told myself that this is the book I need to finish. I NEED TO FINISH SOMETHING! It could have been anything. It just so happened to be this story. I needed to know I could commit myself to finishing something. 

Well, Thanks for reading through all that bullshit. Just know that I did it. I finished something and here it is.

Ih'kis PDF