Sukeban Deka Miiverse Thing!

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I posted this to twitter but figured I should post it here too. I've been getting into this show from 80's Japan called Sukeban Deka. Basically, it's a show about a schoolgirl who is forced to work undercover as a detective for a secret organization. She fights crime with a yo-yo ... need I say more?



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I just got my 1st issue in. I printed up 125 of 'em. 100 for Amazing Arizona Comicon and 25 for fucking off with (friends/family/comic shops, etc.)

I hope people like it.

I wanted to make an 80's/90's style indie comic ... the kind I grew up reading and the kind I can't really find today. Inspired by all the movies, toys, cartoons, video games, and comics I love(d); Earth Vs. issue #1, tell your friends.