Earth Vs. Page 5

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Just finished page 5 .. had to create a family for my buddy, Reese. I made it a family of 5. Mom, Dad (who looks like Jeff from EarthBound) , Reese, a lil bro, and a lil sis.

Fun! ... and Snorks!

What could that ringing be?


Earth Vs. Page 4

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Finished up page 4 of Earth Vs. I finally get to see what Reese looks like. Not bad. I might have to fix some proportion issues though. He might be too tall?

A protagonist appears!

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While at work I came up with a little doodle of what I thought my protagonist, Reese, would look like. Usually when coming up with a new character I start with the eyes.


Earth vs. Page 2 & 3

#makingcomics 2 page spread. Someday i'll stop cheating and actually do 2 pages and not just 1 sideways.

Time to pick up the pace!



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So I made a minigame for the DSiware/3DSware application Petit Computer. For those of you that don't know, Petit Computer is a programming software for the Nintendo DSi/3DS that is a form of the BASIC computer language. I was really into BASIC as a kid and was thrilled when SmileBoom and Gamebridge decided to bring it to North America.

The game is basically themed after a western movie. A bad guy strolls into town and starts shootin' up the place. I did all the sprites and coding for this game. Very fun! If you have Petit Computer I'll put up the QR codes for the game. If you don't have Petit Computer you're kind of outta luck. You can look at the pretty YouTube video I posted though.