Main Baddie appears!

So, while at work staring at my machine I noticed this mean mugging mother fucker staring back at me. I decided that this will be the face of my main villain in Earth vs. Can you see him ... err, it?


Earth Vs. Page 1

#makingcomics ...

Just finished page 1 of my new comic. It turned out better than I expected. Originally, I wanted to use zipatone to shade this series but I think i'm going to stick to my ol' tactics.


Earth Vs. Begins!

#makingcomics I finished writing the first 2 issues of Earth Vs. and I begin drawing on Monday. I want to try and keep one issue ahead in the writing. I hope that's enough!

I'm whipping up a preliminary doodle on my white board. I hope that I'm able to share my work with other people. I'm really trying to write the comic that I've been looking for. What I want to read.

I'll keep you posted!