Writing Earth Vs. #1

#makingcomics So now that I've wrapped up the mini comics that make up the 'Abduction Collection' it's time to start on Earth Vs., my new series. I've never attempted a series before so we'll see how it goes. I have a couple ideas in my head for some key moments in the series and a general direction of where I want it to go. I'm sitting down and writing issue #1 now. It's turning out pretty good! I can't wait to unleash my creative capabilities on this once I get to the drawing stage. I'm really going to try and push myself artistically to give the best possible book(s) that I can. Wish me luck!


Viking Page 8


Viking GET!

Finished up the Viking mini. How exciting it is to be done and embarking on my first comic series! I have to do a bit of writing but my goal is to have the 1st issue done by the end of the year! Wish me luck and i'll keep you posted.

Viking Page 7


Finished up page 7! One more to go!

Watching this badass kung fu movie called Riki-oh: the story of Ricky. Ypu can't handle it.


Viking Page 6


Finally completed page 6 of the viking mini. I changed up the last 2 panels from my original rough draft but I think it turned out pretty nice. I especially like the third panel. Only 2 more pages! Then it's 1st issue time of the new series! 


Viking Page 4 & 5


Just finished the two page spread of my viking mini. I cheated and just used a single page turned sideways. Looks cool though. At least you finally get to see the viking. It's the first time that I got to also.


Viking Page 3


Just finished page 3 of the Viking mini at my buddy Tony's house. It's nice when your friends have an art desk and Microns to share.


Viking Page 2


Page 2 of my Viking mini is complete. The Goonies is on the Hub right now. How am I going to get any work done now?!


Viking Page 1

Page 1 complete of the Viking mini comic I'm doing. 1 down 7 more to go!


Tony's comic book hutch finish

So here is what Tony's comic book hutch turned out to be. Me likes it alot.