Earth Vs. Page 9

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Finally finished page 9 ... took forever because I got a Wii U! This is the hardest part of the year for me to draw. All these damn games!

In this page I show a little bit of Reese's hometown and we see his buddy, Kyle, getting picked on next to the arcade. Reese doesn't help though because he doesn't want to get beat up himself. What a selfish prick!


Earth Vs. Page 7

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Page 7 GET! Reese finishes up his breakfast, grabs his backpack and skateboard, and hits the road!


Earth Vs. Page 6

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Another page down. In this page we discover a couple things. Reese's last name is Young. Reese Young. We find out he has a friend named Kyle. (Kyle Reese ... nice!) ..and last, but not least, there is trouble down at the arcade!