Earth Vs. Page 12

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Finally finished page 12. I've been having crazy tooth problems and have been going to the dentist. So that cut into my comic time because drawing sucks when you're in pain. I really want to draw ... but tooth!


Business Card GET!

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I just got my business cards in! Wow! They look so cool. I was really worried they would suck. They have my Mii QR code too which is nice for Nintendo fans, like myself.


Earth Vs. Pg. 11

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Finished page 11 of Earth Vs. I'm going to try and do at least 2 pages a week. I'm shooting for 3 but we'll see what happens. If I can do 3 a week, that's 12 a month! I'd be finished by June's end.


Business Cards

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So, I found a $17 #Groupon for $70 worth of #Vistaprint products. I figured it would be worth it to get some business cards slapped together for my comicon debut in 2014. I got 500 2 sided business cards. I desgned the front to look like my website (alot of DOS and ANSI based stuff) and the back to represent my Nintendo love (with my Mii, QR code, and NNID) I hope the quality is nice.

Earth Vs. Page 10

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After a tons of time off, I've finally finished another page. I'm really going to ramp up my production here ... hopefully. There's less than 300 days left in the year!